Welcome To my Selling Blog

So many of you have left kind comments on my Engelhouse Primitives blog wishing they could buy my things, but were unable to because they did not live in my area. So I thought I would give a selling blog a try.
I'm afraid when something is gone its gone. I don't like to do special orders because they through off my creative groove so to speak. However, I am always willing to listen to suggestions or requests. So have fun taking a look and feel free to email me with any questions you might have.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Raggedy Anne Bag holder doll

This raggedy Anne bag holder is handmade by me. Her apron is made from a antique petticoat. Her face is handpainted and drawn with shading done with a color pencil. I made her using a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern. Here is a close up of her sweet face:

She is $28 which includes shipping.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Primitive Rabbit

I just finished up this great looking primitive rabbit. She is made from a pattern by Chestnut Junction and is made from painted black muslin. She stands about 12" tall and has hand-stitched features. As with all of my dolls she is for display only. I have four more of these lovely ladies made up for the store, so be sure to take a peek at my Engelhouse Primitives blog as well.
$16 which includes shipping

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I finally have some goodies....

Well I was sick for waaaaay to long, but I'm up and running again. I made a bunch of these great primitive dollies for the Girl's Back Porch, but I set a pair of them aside for you lovely ladies in blog land. I'm selling both of these girls together because they are best friends, Each doll is about 8" tall or so. They are made from a great pattern by Chestnut Junction. 
$25 for the pair of Primitive Friends which includes shipping (in US only).
Email me if you are interested.

I made this wool mat while I was under the weather ( I hate not having anything to work on even when I'm sick). It is made of wool (no felt here) - some recycled some new and the back is homespun (the red of the hearts is much deeper than shown - my flash washed it out a bit). The entire project is hand sewn and was lots of fun to make. It is about 14.25" wide and a hair over 9.5" tall.
$16 which includes shipping (in US only)
Email me if you are interested.

I just love how these pears turned out. I made a bunch for the store, but I set aside for this blog too. Each pear is about 5" tall - some a little taller than others (not counting the stems). They are made out of homespun, flannel and quilt store quality cotton. These pears look fantastic in a wooden or yellowware bowl. 
$16 which includes shipping anywhere in the US
Email me if you are interested.

Here is another set of fabric pears. These are about the same size as the other set I have pictured. They are made from high quality quilt store cotton and homespun.

$16 which includes shipping in the US
Email ME if you are interested.

A reminder that I do not do special orders, but please feel free to contact me with requests. And please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Thank you for looking.